I have had the pleasure of watching my Dad and Uncle Doug create beautiful jewelry for the last 23 years. As an artist myself, an avid equestrian, and a former Gator, I am one of their toughest critics. Everytime the create a new piece, however, I am re-reminded of just how talented my family is and of how proud I am to be a part of this legacy.
The work I have put in to design and execute their first website has been long and demanding. All of my efforts, however, amount to nothing compared to the hard work and dedication my father and uncle have put in to Guion and Bassett Fine Jewelry over the last 26 years.
      The passion and integrity that I joyfully assimilate into my dressage training are the same that these men instilled in me from all those years ago. My only hope is that this long awaited launch into the 21st century will give many more people access to this rare and tenderly implemented art.
      Thank you, Dad and Uncle Doug, for teaching me to never give up on a dream. I love you both very much.
                                             Brigitte Guion

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